A specialized investment manager with a global platform

NEOS is a specialized asset manager that aims to enhance investor outcomes that brings together a seasoned team with a proven track record of launching innovative investment products.

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- About Us

NEOS is a global asset manager that specializes in the creation, management, and distribution of public and private investment funds, with an emphasis on utilizing quantitative approaches to enhance investor outcomes

  • Enhanced solutions for traditional and emerging asset classes
  • Data-first approach to solution development
  • A global team developing best-in-class solutions
  • Investment solutions in markets around the world

- Product Capabilities


Fixed Income


Digital Assets
Income Generation         +         Risk Mitigation

- Our Partners

Global Opportunities

NEOS Investments, LLC is proud to partner with Wavebridge, a South Korea based fintech company providing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional and digital asset classes. Together, NEOS and Wavebridge are able to offer cutting-edge investment solutions globally that aim to enhance investor outcomes.

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